Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh My it has been AWHILE!

Well... by the looks of things around the blog I got busy :) I can't believe it has been since August that I last updated on our journey.

I don't have time for a long post but just a quick update will work for tonight!

Little Baby Brother is still with us... and will be FOREVER. Just a few weeks ago as we were going to head to severance trial his birth mom chose to relinquish her parental rights. We were in total shock. We had of course hoped that this would happen but in no way did we think it would. So grateful for her courage in placing her sons needs ahead of her own.

He is adorable. Laid back and grinning all the time. His smile is infectious and I cannot wait to see the little boy he becomes.

We also are busy with our two preschoolers and the twins just turned one this past week! So yeah ~ Crazy busy over here with the kiddos but it has been amazing.

Little Baby Brother will conclude our foster journey for now... perhaps in 20 years we may do it again but I have all that my hands {and sanity!} can handle these days.

I will go back and try to share some of the ups and downs of the past few months soon.

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  1. I have emergency custody of a child that I have had for a year. He is 2-1/2. A judge is going to rule September 17 for him to live in yet another rehab with his mother. I need help on letting go. This is going to devastate my family.