Why Foster Care

When we first started into the foster care classes we were very naive and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We wanted to help kids and thought this would be a great fit for our young and growing family. We had no idea what acronyms like GAL, ICWA and ICPC stood for. Now we understand them too well.

Yes, we want to adopt. When we first started fostering we had a young baby in the home and thought that perhaps we could end up adopting through foster care in awhile. Little did we know that I, especially, would fall in love with each and every one of these kiddos and hope against all hope that each one would be with us FOREVER.

We are finally discovering the adoption side of foster care as we set out to adopt our 5th placement who has been with us now a year. Who knows when we will finalize - we are happy to have it happen this year sometime!
We are a *normal* family for the most part and are just trying to do our part. As crazy, intense and tough fostering is... I wouldn't trade these experiences. You should try it too :)