Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have debated for a long time about starting my very own blog describing our adventures in foster care...

Writing can be therapy... and trust me as a foster parent you will wish for therapy at times! (joking, slightly)

I have loved reading blogs by other foster moms -- I live it all with them -- and honestly, I have felt a twinge of jealousy that they have been able to share, even only a small part, of their story. So here I am. Sharing mine. Yes, oh yes, there is privacy to be concerned about. Trust me I am. I don't want my REAL NAME out there and I definately don't want these kiddos names known. So if you just by chance know who I am... Keep it to yourself... pretty please :)

So... If there ever was a time to start a blog like this it is now. We've got some changes coming. A baby kiddo going home (Little Dude) and possibly another one sticking around forever (Tank). The drama couldn't be any better.

So add this blog to your google reader. Subscribe over on the side for email updates... but join in the fun, drama and adventures of foster care in our family!

Gotta question? Something foster care/adoption you'd like me to post about? Comment or email me at:

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