Monday, May 2, 2011

Our First Placement

Have you been reading the Mama Mania posts over at The Lark's Nest? If not, you should check it out. Here is a link to today's post.

Did you know May is National Foster Care Month?

Yeah... I didn't until a week ago and I've been a foster mom for over a year. I am glad these little ones are getting a spotlight. I just hope that it causes a little more than lip service... If you have thought of doing foster care ever you should make this month the month to finally call and sign up for classes. There is no commitment or cost. Just check it out, learn some and you never know :)

I decided I wanted to get in on the conversation over on the Mama Mania posts. While I have not been invited to be a part of the panel I thought I could share what my response would be over here.

This week it was about the First Placement Call.

And just like those ladies... I remember it like it was yesterday. We had been licensed for about two weeks. Every time my phone had rang I had been anxious that it may be a placement. I could hardly believe it when it happened. I was home with my son. It was the afternoon and I was making Strawberry Jam. Yep, so domestic. It was an Agency worker calling to see if I would like to accept placement of a newborn girl. YES!! I started crying and the worker told me to breathe and that it would be okay. It was so overwhelming and happy all at once. Within an hour I was in touch with the CPS case manager and she asked me to meet her at the hospital. The baby was born the day before and needed to be discharged. Birth mom and her family were at the hospital at the same time but we didn't meet. I had a friend watch my little boy as I went to pick up this little baby girl. She wasn't so little. In fact, the newborn/premie clothes I brought wouldn't fit! She was over 9 pounds!! She ended up wearing the little pants with her hospital shirt and a blanket home. I remember signing paperwork in a small office and feeling like I couldn't breathe. A nurse and the CPS worker walked me to my car and I drove off with the little one safely tucked in her carseat.

Just like that. Within two hours of placement she was in my home and we were basking in how gorgeous she was. A head FULL of hair! She was with our family for 5 1/2 months before a local tribe stepped in and enforced ICWA. 'Little Miss' our nickname for her would not be returning to her birth family but was placed with a pre-adoptive foster family on the reservation. It broke my heart and still does -- but I am happy that she will have a safe forever family. That is what is most important.


  1. I loved that little girl - I remember you bringing her home from the hospital and thinking how beautiful she was. Love her! :)

  2. Our first placement call was a baby for foster only. Now, 3 years later, we are his forever family. The cases are each so unique.