Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We have been approved for an additonal foster kiddo -- so that'll make 3 foster kiddos and 1 bio. The approval also came in at record speed -- less than two business days. I guess we look good in our home study :)

So now we are waiting even a little more. It'd almost be too much to hope for getting a sibling group that falls into our age restrictions (0-6 month old boy/girl and 3-5 year old girl) -- but that's okay. If I can handle what I have done I can handle three different cases, caseworkers and all that it will bring.

I even went out and shopped for the little girl today. I don't have much on hand for that age. When Miss K was with us last summer for a week I didn't have a chance to really buy her anything. Everything that fit her went with her to her kinship care placement. I've asked some friends for clothes/toys that their girls have grown out of so I have some more play clothes for her. It's hard not known how big she will be or anything about her.

Today we are setting up her bedroom. We still haven't kicked Tank out of there. He'll be sharing a room with our bio son once she makes it here. We want the boys to sleep for as long as possible and putting them together may just throw that WAY off.

I know that I shouldn't be hoping for these children to enter foster care. The reality of what that means is scary. Very scary. But putting my head in the sand and ignoring the absolute real need for foster parents isn't going to do anyone any good either. So when a child meeting our specifics enter care we'll be here. Arms and hearts wide open.

Any suggestions for a girl this age? Words of experience on how to deal with the attachment/loss, adjusting to a new home, preschool, activities, friends, working with the family, helping her feel at home...

Miss K, a 3 year old, was only with us for a week. She was beautiful... but she cried a lot. She wanted to be reassured that we wouldn't leave her too. Which made it hard when I did have to leave her with a family member a week later who she hardly knew.

I know this won't be easy but we feel led to it. I feel led to it.

I'm excited... even if I shouldn't be.


  1. I think it's okay to be excited. There's a need and you're open so be excited.
    Our daughter is 3 but adopted at birth so I have no advice from the attachment side specifically but the book Toddler Adoption is excellent and should give you ideas.

    Every child is so different in their likes I'm sure but my daughter loves baby dolls and anything that can go with a baby doll, stroller, diapers, bottles, etc. I want to get her a doctor kit so she can play doctor, she's the perfect age for that.
    So I'd say make sure you have that stuff handy and it's great interactive play.

  2. I totally get the excited' so weird how on our end of the rope, we are excited, but on the other end of the rope...something awful is going on for the know? However, how can we not be excited??
    Love your blog.