Saturday, August 25, 2012

Here we go

A few months ago we started another foster care adventure. I hinted at it in my last post but in case you missed it we are fostering Tank's baby brother. He came to us from the hospital at only two days old. Who knows what the future holds but I can say that reunification is not what is best for the baby and is not looking likely. We are happy (and exhausted... and probably a little crazy too) to be adding to our family some more.
I have to say this time though that my heart is just going through ups and downs. So much more is invested when you are hoping to adopt a sibling of a child that is already legally yours. So much more is at stake. We are grateful for this time and the opportunity the boys get to have in knowing each other at such a young age.
So truly, truly blessed.


  1. As a child, my parents did foster care. Although I never saw the technical aspects of it, I did have alot of brothers and sisters and I loved that! My fiance and I are now considering doing foster care ourselves. I hear a lot of positive and negatives about it. My question for you is do you think the positives of helping these children and having them in your family out-weigh dealing with bio parents, courts, caseworkers, and all the technical things?? We aren't able to have children of our own so I think this would be an excellent opportunity for us, can you give me any advice about the whole process of getting started?? THanks

  2. We've just been approved as foster parents and are excited about the start of our journey. I've really enjoyed reading about yours :)