Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The father...

So I know I am not the only one out there who has tried finding out more about their foster child's bio parents online...

It's not my fault that they leave their MySpace and Facebook pages open for everyone to see {grins}

Up until an hour ago I only had seen Tank's mom. I've heard descriptions of the dad -- who they cannot locate btw -- but had never even seen a picture.

Well I googled his name... and with a little scrolling found his MySpace page. He only had one photo up -- but I happily saved it to my computer. I want to have as much about his history and birth family as possible for him when he grows up. I can't say there is a huge resemblance... but he definately looks like he could be the father. He is not the "alleged" father which is typical with CPS. He is the father. CPS hasn't done any paternity tests, the parents were not married at the time of his birth. Maybe he signed the Birth Certificate paperwork at the hospital?

Anywho. So tell me ladies? Do you snoop on your foster child's parents too?


  1. YES! I even have a face Facebook pages that I add them too so I can "share pictures" AKA collect information

  2. Absolutely! I also check the online jail inmate rosters.

  3. of course i do :) too bad most of them don't have a facebook or myspace

  4. so happy to not be alone! I am about 50/50 with birth parents and online social network sites. I have become "friends" with Little Dude's birth mother. I am hoping that will help us stay in touch long term... I want to know in some way how he turns out. I want to know he is happy and thriving.

  5. I have the mug shots of Stinkpot's parents after seeing them on the news. I have set up a Google alert with birthfamily names so if they are in the news again, I will know.