Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well we survived the weekend.

Saturday included a trip to Urgent Care as recommended by the CPS investigator.

Homeboy (my hubby came up with that one...) is not too healthy. A lot of his problems have to do with an unclean living environment. So we are currently treating his ENTIRE body for ringworm. Oh joy! And he also had lice. He got a haircut -- medically necessary -- and we doused him yesterday and today with all the lice stuff the dr. gave us... not to mention the shampoo and stuff I bought at Target. And just to be on the safe side we are treating everyone in the family. With all this contagious buggy stuff floating around my skin is crawling! I am a total wimp!

So me and my medical administration sheets and locked closet are becoming acquainted again. I really hate keeping track of all this stuff! I don't have near the amount of "rules" that other foster moms out there have -- but sometimes I just can't help but think some stuff isn't normal for the kiddos or me the foster mama!

He did take two naps today and played well with my boys. (Yes, I am worried about them getting the ring worm too. I recommend buying stock in Lysol's parent company... cause we now own a BUNCH of the product!) He doesn't seemed to be missing his family much. Which is worrisome folks.

I already have a long list of concerns to share with his case manager, developmental specialist, pediatrician and whoever else will listen.

Oh, and I think his hearing is not up to par. Like really -- I am worried. Poor little guy.

Every child deserves love. I can't imagine how things escalate to the point where children are neglected to an extreme like this. So, so sad.


  1. I'm sure you are but make sure you're washing the sheets and pillowcases daily as well. I had lice when I was living in Central America once. Wish I could have just shaved my head.

    Poor little guy sounds like he needs lots of love.

  2. I will be keeping him in my thoughts. (i have no tolerance for creepy crawlies!)

  3. So glad you are there to take care of him and love him! Call Early Intervention first thing Monday to get him assessed developmentally as soon as possible. If you need a recommendation to get his hearing checked, let me know.

  4. Hey! I was wondering - are you fostering through the state or a private agency? What state?

  5. I am not itching ALLLLL OVER!!! Good luck! I will send hugs when we are all less itchy

  6. I am now itching ALLLLL OVER!!! Good luck! I will send hugs when we are all less itchy

  7. Wow. Just wow. I don't know anyone who has chosen to be a triplet mom :) Even if it's just for a while. (I assume that's how this works; you never know how long it will last, right?) Anyway, like I said on FB you are my hero cuz there's no way I would have chosen this. (Or maybe I did but I don't remember.) And to take in a child that has hygiene-related problems is. . . wow. Just wow. I hope you don't hate it when ppl say this as much as I do, but you are amazing. Thank you for being there for kids like Homeboy.

  8. that is alot, hopefully it will be out of your house VERY soon!!!

  9. Oh no! I would rather catch vomit in my bare hands than deal with lice again. My sister pointed out that the heat from a dryer will kill any eggs so you can just toss pillows in the dryer. I don't envy you except that you have a sweet little boy! Hugs!