Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A word I never thought I could say, but I did! I forgot that I hadn't already blogged this. Last Thursday I received a call for a 3 year old BOY. I was really disappointed that it wasn't a baby. I had moments of guilt but ultimately I had to tell the on-call worker that I could not take the placement.

I already have three two year old boys! Once she learned that she was completely understanding... not that she would have given me crap if I had said 'no' with no explanation. I even worried about it enough that I called her back and told her that we did want a placement and not to take us off the list but that at this time  we preferred a baby. She seemed happy to hear that we didn't want to be off the list completely :)

But we still didn't get any other calls....

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  1. lol, i just had the same thing happen and had that same feeling that i needed to call back and make sure they knew that I am open to ANY race...hoping that would help them remember to call me with the next one. I didn't call him back though, I know the right call will come soon :)