Monday, August 29, 2011


I can't believe it happened this fast.

Today a court hearing was scheduled in Tank's case. I decided to miss it since it was supposed to be on another topic and not too involved. Boy, did I pick the wrong one to miss.

Tank's mom's rights were terminated today. The case plan had already changed to severance and adoption. Her trial was set out for next month but she had an order to appear at today's hearing.

When she didn't show it was just one more strike against her. She also didn't call to confirm for her visit today. She wasn't do anything on her case plan and has only had one visit out of the last 5. She is also reportedly homeless.

No more visits.

Which actually kind of makes me sad for her. I don't think she realized what could happen in one day - I know I didn't. His birthday is coming up so the hubby and I have already decided that we are open to meeting her somewhere public around his birthday. I don't know if she will choose that though.

Bio dad still needs to have his rights severed. They've already completed publication so that shouldn't take much. Hopefully within a few weeks our little boy will be free and legal for adoption. And yes, our adoption homestudy was just completed :) Happiness!

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  1. Praise God for the good news that Tank is one legal step closer to his forever home!