Monday, November 7, 2011

Adoption Certificate

We FINALLY got our adoption certification in the mail today. We turned in all the paperwork and homestudy over a month ago... maybe even two... so we've been waiting all this time for the Court to review it and a Judge to sign off. Yay!

That's one more thing that can be check marked off the list in order to adopt Tank.

At this point we have done EVERYTHING that we can do to make it happen. Now it is just a waiting game for the case to get going in the Adoptions Department. We still have Subsidy paperwork to fill out -- getting paperwork from the doctor/dentist/behavioral health professionals involved to help with this.

We know who are adoptions case manager is - the case has officially transferred over from on-going. Hooray! But we still haven't had our initial "visit"

One question I wanted to put out there for all those adoptive parents - the case file.

I know that we will get to see it. What information should we look for? What do you wish you knew more about? Is there anything you later regretted not knowing that was in there?

So excited that things are moving along!

oh and a twins update -- we're expecting a boy and a girl! so many blessings all at once. The Lord is good :) Even if He likes to choose His own timing in it all...

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