Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick Question

Yes, I know... I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. And I definitely owe anyone who is still reading this little blog an update :)

First though I have a question for all of you :)

I have a good friend that would like to foster. (Thank you Mama Foster, Tammy over at I Must be Trippin, and Maggie at Popp Life for your posts this past week! I forwarded them around and see what happens ;))

My friend lives in Washington State.

Can anyone recommend her best route to become a foster parent in that state? It appears you can foster through the State or through private agencies. We know what we have found online... we just wanted a little personal experience to help out. So if you or someone you know fosters in WA -- please let us know through which Agency and how they have liked it :)

Thank you!

Feel free to leave comments on this post or email me over at fostermamajulie [at] gmail


  1. We live in Wa. state, and have had a great experience fostering and adopting directly through dcfs in our county. I have heard it varies from county to county, though. Like in my county, there are babies coming into care weekly, and many have been adopted. I have heard in other counties, they don't have as many infant placements.
    She can always email or ask me questions directly on my blog.

  2. We live in Washington state as well. We are going through dcfs as well and have had it pretty good. We also have some experience (through my in-laws) with Catholic community services and they are ok. A lot of their kids are older and are the really high risk kids.

    As we were told, its best for the first licencing to go through the state (get your feet wet, see what its like, get a feel for how the cases are and such. Than when renewal comes around look at the different private agencies and research them. Reach out to the different connections you've made and see what they suggest.

    Also each of the different agencies have specialties they have. For example if she wants to adopt I heard going through private for that is better.

  3. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and direction! My friend in WA has decided to hold off for now on fostering but when their family is ready I'll know just where to send her! :) Thank you again!