Thursday, June 23, 2011


We got another placement call today. To say my heart skipped a beat with joy would be an understatement.

It was a similar situation to the other day. They had a sibling group and asked if I would take two of the kiddos I opted for the 2 year old girl and 1 month old boy. They said it was still a maybe situation. We weren't in the area they wanted (once again) but we were the closest open.

A little over an hour later the agency called back to let me know that CPS went for in home services instead. Which hopefully means that the situation isn't as bad as it could be -- and that means the kids will be safe with some outside support.

Seriously it couldn't happen again could it!? Ugh. Another yes from us only to have the babes not come to our home. I had already figured out car seat placement in our vehicle and how I would rearrange the bedrooms. I was building a shopping list in my head and excited to pull out the baby boy clothes that I have loved so much from our son and our past placement Little Dude.

So here I am... still waiting for the call -- the one where the kids actually come to stay with us!