Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Placement Calls

I had the feeling that I would get a call today. Of course, I have had that same feeling the past few weeks... so I didn't put much into it. At 4:30 my phone rang and it was our agency... this could only mean one thing.

A placement!

I was offered a sibling group. They had 3 little ones, of course we are only open for 2. They had another foster mom lined up for the 1 that I didn't take. It was three girls 2 and under. And nope, no twins. So I agreed to take whichever two they wanted and even offered to take all 3 if I could get a licensing exception. I was giddy with excitement... girls and babies at that. Sure, yeah -- that is a lot of toddlers when you factor in my 2 year old and 21 month old... but something about a placement call makes me forget the word 'no'.

Well within 10 minutes I got a call back from the agency. They had found a kinship placement for all three girls and their two older siblings - WOWZA! Kinship really is the best and I am happy that all the kiddos can stay together.

But wait she wasn't done... they had another baby.

This time it was an 8 month old girl. Would I like to take her? Yes!! She had some health issues which I was willing to accept and they were most likely due to neglect and not having seen a doctor in some time.

Two hours later I still hadn't received a call from the girl's case manager. I phone the agency worker and found out that they don't have to remove until tomorrow. They also found a placement closer to the child -- still in our county but definately closer than me. So the case manager could choose between the other family and us. Obviously they will choose the other family - but I suppose there is a chance we'll still hear about her.

My heart is sad. I was excited for a little one or more... I said yes to 4 children today and not one of them is in my home. I have never said yes to a call and had the child not come. It's something new to me even if it is common out there in foster land.

This does help me to know that we are in fact on the list and have not been forgotten. That perhaps the Lord wanted to test my willingness and now that I've showed Him -- we'll get the placement(s) that are perfect for us at this time.

Who knows... Now I need to go put away those baby girl clothes I had hauled out of the closets.


  1. i hate that. when i get called and say yes i want them to come :)

  2. When we were first licensed we kept getting calls for kids that MIGHT go into foster care, It was SOOOOO frustrating

  3. Hoping that tomorrow you get THE call!

  4. Awwww, thats no fun. Maybe you will end up getting the baby after all :)

  5. That does not sound like a fun day at all.