Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Answer

So I did finally email grandma back. I took advise from all of you and put it together with some of my own thoughts.

I assured her that Tank means so much to us.
That we are happy to have him in our home.
That she is a wonderful grandma and of course is important in his life.
That I don't know anything...
or at least anything I can share. I explained a little bit of the confidentiality stuff.
I told her that there was a hearing at the end of this month.
I told her that if she needed to know more that she or mom need to call the case worker.

She emailed back thanking me for the updates and how good we have been to him. I really do think she wants us to adopt him. For the simple reason probably that I am being open  and that she has met me.

Hopefully we are smooth sailing... towards adoption. Who knows with this foster care stuff though...

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  1. i think that you are right, she probably is on your side. BUT i think not giving her much information is best for now.