Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Crazy Life of Foster Care

Seriously people, why do they make it so difficult and hectic to be a foster parent? I am convinced families like the Duggars' have less appointments than I do!

Today Tank's case worker with CPS was supposed to come over... she had to cancel, and called me 15 mins. after she should have been here. I guess it's only fair since I sort of cancelled on her last week...

Homeboy's CFT was also cancelled today and rescheduled for later in the week. His CPS Caseworker was out sick as well as the person at the behavioral health place that was providing it. I found out that was cancelled an hour beforehand.

Then early intervention people came to evaluate Homeboy -- yep, delayed. So now this same lady and another lady specifically over speech are going to come over tomorrow AM to do some more evaluations. Really?

Oh and did I mention Homboy has diahhrea? And has had it pretty much since I got him. We thought it was due to a milk allergy. Which it could still be but I've already taken him off of drinking milk (he actually likes Silk soymilk! yay!) and need to take him off everything all together dairy related. They also think he could have some parasite, etc. So now I get to collect stool samples. Just what I wanted to do this week! (sarcasm)

Oh and in less than an hour our new baby boy will be joining the family. So now I get to rearrange our vehicle to fit the 4 carseats... we have a big SUV, but it still will be a lot of work getting little ones into carseats in a third row!

Now that I am exhausted just explaining all of that I should go eat something before Bubba -- I think that's what the new ones name will be. We'll see -- if he's scrawny then we may have to rethink it :)


  1. Oi! I feel your pain. But I don't have all the appointments you do. You're a trooper!

  2. Hey Foster Mama, i just gave your blog address to a woman in my neck of the woods who was asking about fostering. I hope that's okay. I also called her attention to the link you have for the NYC blog.

  3. I hear ya! There are always lots of appointments but some kiddos have extras and that can be a lot to handle. We had a little one who had, are you ready ;)... OT 8x mo, PT 4x mo, ST 2x mo, behavioral therapy 1x mo, developmental theropy 2x mo, caseworker visit 1x mo, casa worker 1xmo then adlitem visits, specialist apts for eyes, ears, nurology and phyciatry not to mention the EEG, MRI and regular pediatrician. Oh, and she had not ever had immunizations so we were constantly taking trips ti the dr for 'catch up' shots. She was 3. I had 3 other kiddos and among her other behavior obsticals we did good to survive. Its deffinatly hard but doable when you look back and remember why your doing it. Keep up the great works!

  4. Foster care children's life is crazy. I respect their measurable life. I will review your post again.
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